Succulents,  Cactus

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Many succulent and cacti like the sun, however many do burn when in the direct sun. It is best to keep your succulents  and cactus in filtered sun, directly in front of a window, on a porch or patio with morning or evening sun. If your succulent is getting lengthy (there is a lot of space between the leaves) there is not enough sun. Or if the bottom leaves are falling off without them drying up most likely there is not enough sun. When the tops of your succulents and cactus have brown discoloration they are getting too much sun.


it is always better to under water your succulents and cactus rather than over water. It is best to water when the soil is completely dry. You can use a moisture meter to check when your plants are dry or by simply touching the soil. Typically you should be watering your plants 1 to 2 times a week in warmer weather and 2 to 3 times a month in colder weather.


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Succulent Pumpkin Care:
Protect your succulent pumpkin from direct sun, freezing temperatures, and rain. Gently spray the plants once a week and give the arrangement, indirect sun by setting it near a window indoors or on a sheltered deck or balcony. When the pumpkin is rooted, the succulents can be transplanting. Gently pull or cut each succulent off the pumpkin and place it into soil.





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Tillandsias do best in filtered light. They should not be left in direct sun, tillandsias will burn. They are be indoors, in a room with a good amount of sun or outside in part shade.


Thoroughly wet your tillandsia by running it under the sink or misting it 2 to 3 time a week. Or soaking it in a bowl of water once a week. Every enviroment is different. Your tillandsia may need to be water everyday if it is in a warm and dry place. Water less often when it is humid. Make sure your tillandsia is getting air circulation. For example do not place in a container with a lid.